Ex Royale


Ex Royale
Ex Royale is a combination of Royal Jelly, the nutrient-rich food source of the queen honeybee and Ganoderma lucidum mycelium extracts. It provides you with plenty of essential nutrients including vitamin B complex, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids and essential amino acids. It is designed to support physical performance and healthy body function.

Ex Royale may help to:

  1. Boost vitality
  2. Boost body health
  3. Stimulate growth
  4. Enhance cell and tissue regeneration
  5. Promote beautiful and youthful skin
Active ingredients:
Each capsule of Ex Royale contains 270mg of Royal Jelly and 270mg of Ganoderma lucidum mycelium extracts.
Recommended use:
1-2 capsules twice daily. Take before breakfast on an empty stomach or in the evening before bed time for best results.

Ex-Royale (new)

KKLIU. 2960/2017

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